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Why Book With Clanventure?

Who needs a vacation more than anyone? Parents with small children! Vacation is supposed to be relaxing but can be anything but when you are traveling with kids.

Clanventure is here to take the stress out of family travel and leave you with nothing but fun memories. No more packing the car full of baby gear. No more worrying about what to expect at a vacation rental. Clanventure is the only vacation rental website in the United States that focuses on family needs. We vet vacation rentals and guarantee gear and safety features for your peace of mind.

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Toronto, Canada’s largest city, has so much to offer families. It’s easy to navigate, friendly, safe and has loads of fun options for kids of all ages. Here, we list our 30+ favorite family spots in and around Toronto.

How much are you, the guest, paying in service fees when booking a vacation rental on the big listing sites?

We all see the money adding up when you go to book… you pay the nightly rate, taxes, often fees such as cleaning and maybe a pet fee or heated pool fee. And then the listing site smacks a booking fee on top of that, usually a percentage of the rent. That amount can vary widely from listing site to listing site.

We decided to breakdown the numbers for you, the traveler, so you can see just where your money is going. This is what you pay for guest service fees when you book a vacation rental on the main listing sites in the U.S.

Gone are the days of Cabo known only as a tropical hot spot for spring breakers and wild nightlife! More and more families are venturing to this this beautiful city on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula – known for its beaches, water-based activities and plenty of family-friendly action. Here are 11 highlights of Cabo to check out when vacationing there with the kiddos.

Costa Rica may well be the perfect family adventure destination. If you are looking for family fun and relaxation and are ready to go international (without too much of the trouble), Costa Rica might be the spot for your next family vacation. Here we give you 7 reasons why Costa Rica is a fabulous family-friendly vacation spot.

Lauren is a mom of two and owns Las Brisas in Pointe West, our family-friendly Galveston, Texas vacation rental. We recently talked with Lauren about the kid-friendly aspects of the home and their favorite things to do in the area.

With it’s warm climate, abundance of theme parks, it’s claim to fame, Disney World, Orlando is a destination for families from around the world. And while there is no shortage of activities on International Drive and around the parks, just north of Kissimmee our city offers a different experience - what some locals might refer to as “the real Orlando.”

Heading to southern California for your family’s vacation? Do miss out on Legoland because you think it may not be the greatest spot for small children. Little ones are often not quite ready for multiple days at an amusement park, but one day out during your trip can be a fun day for all. Here we’ll give you the scoop on Legoland in Carlsbad, California and what it offers to parents with babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

Family travel takes on a whole new meaning when “family” means 10+ people. So how can you pull off a successful vacation or destination family reunion for everyone involved? Is it possible to make all family members happy and not end up worse off than the Griswolds? Here are some points to consider when planning a family reunion or large family trip.