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5 reasons to travel with your kids NOW!

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As a parent you often hear the phrase “they grow up too fast” but sometimes when you are in the middle of raising children- dealing with potty training or tears over homework- you feel like it can’t move fast enough!  With so many hurdles to jump over when your kids are young it is no wonder people often hold off on traveling until their children are older.

But, what if I told you that was a monumental mistake?

Traveling with your children while they are young offers so many benefits for the entire family. As a mother to 5 who has traveled with her husband and children to more than a dozen countries across 5 continents I can tell you first hand about the benefits of traveling NOW with your kids.


1. Time Freezes

5 Reasons to Travel with Your Kids NOW


When you travel instantly you are freed from all of your daily responsibilities. You are no longer a slave to the hustle bustle in the world around you. Instead you are on your own time. Your attention is not on the long list of to do’s or finishing up that last email but rather gazing into the eyes of your toddler listening to her incredibly long, never ending story.

You begin to realize how much you actually enjoy these small moments. You stop and breathe trying to soak up every precious second and for a moment it actually feels like time is standing still.

It is in these moments I know that I have captured a memory that I will hold on to long after my children have grown and left the house.


2. Better Bonding

Remember that attention thing I just mentioned? How often do you really give your children your undivided attention at home? It’s SOOO hard when as a parent you are pulled in so many directions all of the time, right? But, it is pertinent that children receive this form of attention if we intend to bond with them.

Over the years I have learned that relationships with our children need to be treated the same as any other relationship. They take a lot of time and effort. So, imagine the progress you can make with your children when both your own responsibilities and your children’s are magically lifted temporarily.  

In fact every time I travel with my kids my interactions and experiences with them help me gain insights on their personalities, their likes, dislikes, hopes and dreams. On my most recent trip I learned new ways to soothe my toddler, helped my son out with some anxiety issues he had been having and had some awesome late night conversations with my teenager.


3. Imagination

Young children see the world in such a fascinating way. A ride on the metro brings forth a whirl of excitement; a statue enlists a thousand questions. Everything is fuller, bigger and better. It’s exuberating!!!

Traveling with kids also allows you to unwind and let go. If you spend enough time with their incredible wonderment it actually begins to rub off on you. Pretty soon you will be skipping down the street, eating the messiest ice cream sandwich and laughing uncontrollably about something funny one of you said. It is a type of medicine no doctor can prescribe and that no parent should go without. But, that incredible gift of  imagination is only present during those early childhood years… then it's gone forever. If you wait too long to travel with your kids you will miss out on this amazing opportunity.


4.  Education

5 Reasons to Travel with Your Kids NOW


Our kids attend an amazing public charter school that I love and they have some incredible teachers. But, there are some things you just cannot learn in a classroom setting. This is where travel makes for an awesome learning tool.

5 Reasons to Travel with Your Kids NOW


Travel not only deepens children’s understanding of school subjects but it also provides opportunities for kids to engage in the material in ways a school would never be able to offer. Like going on a guided bike tour of our nation’s capital and learning secrets about the rivalry between Hamilton and Jefferson or touring the ancient Roman ruins and seeing first hand the wondrous craftsmanship of the Colosseum. Children come home with a better knowledge of their subjects and an outstanding interest in them.


5. Life Lessons

5 Reasons to Travel with Your Kids NOW


Just as important as textbook education children also pick up on cultural and social skills while traveling as well.

Children from a very young age notice that people look and act differently. Instead of thinking others are strange, travel allows children to participate in different cultures helping them gain a greater respect for others. Travel also helps children understand that even though we are different there are many things we can find in common with one another. Like having fun, loving our families etc…

Then there is the social aspect. I can’t even think of a better way to learn social skills. Travel provides opportunities for kids to learn how to address adults, how to behave in different situations, how to safely navigate a big city, how to find help… I could go on and on.

With so many benefits it is easy to see why there is no better time to travel with your children than right NOW! Sure it may not be as relaxing as your honeymoon but it will be an experience and an adventure that you will treasure for the rest of your life!



Our guest blogger is a family travel expert. Amber Mamian is the founder of Global Munchkins. She has been traveling the world with her husband and 5 kids in tow for the past 5 years. They have visited over a dozen countries across 5 continents and have no intentions of stopping anytime soon. Amber hopes to inspire other families to get out and explore the world with their kids. You can follow Amber and her family on Instagram (www.instagram.com/global_munchkins)