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Comparing Guest Booking Fees on Vacation Rental Websites

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How much are you, the guest, paying in service fees when booking a vacation rental on the big listing sites?

We all see the money adding up when you go to book… you pay the nightly rate, taxes, often fees such as cleaning and maybe a pet fee or heated pool fee. And then the listing site smacks a booking fee on top of that, usually a percentage of the rent. That amount can vary widely from listing site to listing site.

We decided to breakdown the numbers for you, the traveler, so you can see just where your money is going. These are the fees you pay to the listing site when you book a vacation rental, on top of what you pay to the owner.

comparison vacation rental guest fees


Let’s look at some examples…

Let’s say you want to book a beach house for your family, a week at a home that rents for around $200 per night.

So what would you pay when booking on each different site?



Here is an actual example from a VRBO rental. The weekly rate is $1380 and the guest service fee is a hefty $147.00. (Note: If you don't click on 'View details' when booking, you won't see this breakdown. )




On a weekly rental of $1503 on Airbnb, the guest service fee is $150.

Airbnb fees




On a $1354 rental, you’ll pay $219 in fees to Tripadvisor.

Tripadvisor fees




A $155 a night house on Flipkey will add on a $223 booking fee. (Note the $89 damage waiver and a $78 processing fee on top of the booking fee.)

Flipkey fees


And what does Clanventure charge? A flat $79 guest service fee on each booking, which includes accidental damage protection for your stay.


Here is an example from Clanventure. On a weekly rental of $1410, there is a flat charge of $79, and you are protected from any accidental breakages during your vacation.

Clanventure fees



So, booking similar rentals on various websites, you’ll pay wildly different service fees.

$79 at

$147 at

$150 at

$219 at

$223 at


And this is on a relatively inexpensive vacation rental. What would the fees be on a $5000 per week rental? Anywhere from around $200 to $600+!

At, the fees remain at $79. We are committed to helping families save on their vacations, and, as always, help parents to find vacation rentals that have gear, safety features and fun for kids!

If you can’t find what you are looking for on our website, we have a Vacation Rental Finding Service for only $129. We aim to find what you need and minimize the extra fees.

Families can save on guest service fees by booking through What can you do with those savings? It might pay for a night out on your vacation or you might want to add to your kids’ college savings. It pays to shop around!

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