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Legoland California with Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers

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Heading to southern California for your family’s vacation? Don't miss out on Legoland because you think it may not be the greatest spot for small children. Little ones are often not quite ready for multiple days at an amusement park, but one day out during your trip can be a fun day for all. Here we’ll give you the scoop on Legoland in Carlsbad, California and what it offers to parents with babies, toddlers and preschoolers.



So you are taking baby to Legoland? You probably have bigger kids that you are taking along too. Luckily babies are free and you can take care of their needs fairly easily at Legoland. They have a Baby Care Center that gives moms a space to nurse and a place where parents can heat up food. There is a changing area too and rocking chairs if you just need to relax and get out of the hustle and bustle for a bit. Schedule a break here while the bigger kids are exploring Fun Town’s rides and attractions. It will be an easier day if two adults divide and conquer!

A stroller will be needed for naps and general getting around. If you don’t bring your own stroller, you can rent one there. A front pack would be a good idea too if your baby enjoys being closer to you. Here are some areas that are particularly fun for families with babies in tow.


Miniland USA

Miniland has reproductions of many U.S. landmarks constructed with Lego bricks. It is a great place to walk around with the baby in the stroller and take in the magic of Lego. Marvel at how many Lego bricks are used to make the exhibits: over 32 million! See some of the famous sites of the U.S. in small scale: New York, San Francisco and New Orleans, to name a few.


Fairy Tale Brook on Explorer Island

This is an enjoyable boat ride for all ages. Take a little cruise and see your favorite fairy tale characters in Lego. Perfect for a little break from the hustle and bustle of the day.


Water Works Magical Fountain

Watch the older kids play in the fountain while baby naps or walk through with baby to cool off. This is a must do on a hot day! Kids (and parents) will love the musical instruments made from Lego bricks.





There are many Legoland rides with minimum height requirements of 34” and even more where children under 36” can ride with someone taller (a responsible sibling or parent). Here are some of our favorite areas for toddlers at Legoland:


Duplo Playtown

This play area will keep a toddler busy for ages: slides, play vehicles to drive, buildings to explore and a maze. Get off your feet for a moment and let the little ones run wild! Don’t miss the Legoland Express train ride too.


Castle Hill

This area has a few things that will keep toddlers entertained. Check out the Hideaway, a large playspace with slides, ladders and tunnels. Let the kids walk (run) through the Enchanted Walk to see the lifesize Lego animals along the path. This is a great stop for a snack too, Legoland’s famous Granny’s Apple Fries with a vanilla cream dipping sauce. Yum!


Lost Kingdom Adventure

Toddlers love using the lasers to fight off snakes, skeletons and mummies! If you can, get there as early as possible. This popular ride usually has a long line (and what toddler can wait that long?). We love the rides with Lego playing areas for waiting kids!


Sea Life Aquarium

A bonus add-on: Make a stop off at the adjoining Sea Life Aquarium to visit their fun and educational displays. Toddlers love crawling into the pop-up bubbles to see what it is like living under the sea.





Legoland has many rides suitable for preschoolers. There is fun to be found around every corner. Places to start with your little explorers...


Junior Driving School

What kid doesn’t like driving? Legoland has a special spot for preschoolers (ages 3-5) to drive Lego cars and get their own driver’s license. Don’t miss Skipper School too… little ones can drive their own boat!


Police and Fire Academy

How many preschoolers dream of being a policeman or fireman? Well, here’s their chance to save the day! This a a perfect ride for small children.


Explorer Island

For budding paleontologists, Dig Those Dinos is a great stop. Dig for fossils! Also, Legoland’s Safari Trek is located here; ride in a jeep and see all the wild animals in Lego!


Pirate Shores

For those hot days, bring swimsuits and towels and enjoy the water fun! There’s the larger Soak ‘n Sail or Swabbie’s Deck for the younger ones. The water activities open in mid-March and are closed in the winter months.


Those are just a few of our favorite spots for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Although Legoland is great for kids up to age 12, there is plenty to keep the little ones entertained!


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Feature photo and Miniland photo by Josh Hallett  via Flickr, CC by-SA 2.0