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Showcase Your Family-Friendly Cred in Your Vacation Rental Description

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Maybe you’ve heard the rumors: attention spans are getting shorter. People aren’t reading anymore…and when they do read, especially online, they simply skim for the essential facts. Nobody reads the listing description when they book a vacation rental property, right? Don’t they simply scan a few photos, check the price, and then book?  

Actually, that’s not true! And it’s especially not true in the family-friendly niche.

Those traveling with young kids are more willing to take the time to read, research, and make sure they find the exact right rental for their family. For that reason, treating your description as an afterthought is a mistake, especially when you have many truly family-friendly features to offer.

After all, there are some elements of your rental that photos just can’t show, like the cabinets stocked with kid-friendly dishware, or the outlet covers you keep close at hand. Only words can do that!

Here’s how to write a description that proves you are ready to welcome families to their vacation home away from home!


1. Mention your own family.

Many family-friendly vacation rentals are created by families for families. Don’t be afraid to talk a little bit about your own clan! It shows you understand the wants and needs of a family traveling with kids.

Sure, a game room with a pool table and video game system can sell itself in one great photo. But lots of rentals have game rooms. Boost your credibility by explaining, for example, that you created your game room with input from your own grandson…and he strongly suggests that you upgrade the Xbox’s game selection every few years.

There’s no need to give us a multi-chapter family history, of course. But a sentence or two about the first time your daughter held your hand and put her toes in the ocean at your beach house? Add it to you bio! That shows you understand what family travel is all about!


2. Create a specific “For the Kids” section in the description.

In general, it’s a good idea to break up your description into easily digestible sections.  After all, even the most dedicated and patient vacation-planner is going to skim at least a little. Help them out with easy-to-read headers, including one that speaks specifically to your rental’s kid-friendly elements.

In each of our Clanventure descriptions, we include four distinct sections: General, Indoor, Outdoor, and For the Little Ones.

Every section keeps an audience of families in mind, but in the last section, we group together all of the most important kid-friendly features in one, easy-to-find spot.

For example, when writing about a lovely beach house in WaterColor, in the lovely 30a area of Florida, we summarized all the incredible family-friendly features this way:

For the Little Ones

This home is created by and for families. See Clanventure’s Gear Guarantee—our list of family-friendly features every home must have to list with us. From a Pack ‘n Play to a highchair to nightlights, we’ve made sure all the details are covered.

The Kids Korner provides another level of space and comfort for kids and teens. They can pile into the Bunkroom and watch a movie on the 60” flatscreen with Xbox, or head outside and splash in the fenced private pool. Teenagers will love the free WiFi for streaming to their devices, too.

The many kid-friendly amenities at WaterColor Resort are great for rainy days (or for when the beach gets boring—it happens!). WaterColor Resort guest passes are included for your entire stay. Take advantage of the Kids Camp, Kids Night Out, family movie nights or the beach bonfires!

With plenty of space and the best location at WaterColor, your family will be counting the days until you can come back!


We also provide a bulleted list of baby-and-kid-friendly amenities that makes it easy for potential guests to search for specifics, like cribs, high chairs, pool toys, and other must-haves.


Watercolor Florida vacation rental sleeping alcove


3. Use a warm, welcoming tone.

Your description is your chance to create trust—just as you would when speaking to a potential guest over the phone. If you write in a way that’s warm, welcoming, and friendly, you prove you will be an easy person to deal with once your guests have arrived for their vacation.  

How do you manage to convey that warmth in words? First, be conversational. Don’t be afraid of contractions and personal pronouns. That is, write “you’ll love the pool” instead of “guests will love the pool.” It’s a subtle difference, but one that will help you (and your rental) seem more personal.

Also, don’t go overboard outlining all of your rules and regulations. (You know what we mean: “ABSOLUTELY NO PARTIES AT ANY TIME” or “Cars parked on the grass will be towed!!!”). This shows an inherent distrust in your guests…and could spoil a great, trustworthy guest’s first impression.

If you want guests to know a very important rule (and that’s an understandable want!) a little kindness works wonders. For example: “Our rental is designed to be family-friendly, and is located in a quiet, residential neighborhood. Those who plan to host a party will want to find a different vacation rental.”   

This firmly—but not condescendingly—shows that you do not welcome parties, without assuming every guest is a potential bad apple.   


4. Show families how they might use the space.

In the listing for the WaterColor Beach House, we used this line to showcase the perks of the detached guest cottage:

The Guest Cottage is great to give grandparents a bit of privacy, or for a family with a little one who isn’t sleeping through the night.

Similarly, for one standout amenity—the outdoor fireplace—we wrote:

There’s even an outdoor fireplace for s’mores after dinner—also a great place to relax with a drink while watching the kids splash in the pool!

Image-rich descriptions like these help to create that warm and fuzzy vacation feeling we’re all seeking when we travel with our families. On top of that, showing guests how the rental can be used may answer questions they likely have already: Is this space appropriate for my aging parents? Will the kids have their own private place to play that’s still within eye and earshot of the adults?

In short, your listing description should show that you understand the wants, needs, worries and joys of families on a vacation. Explicitly address the specific amenities you provide for little ones, give parents a sneak peek at their new family memories, and warmly welcome them to their vacation!


Photos courtesy of @happyplacebeachhouse