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Take the kids in the off season!

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Most families have to stick to the dreaded school calendar when it comes to planning a family vacation. And you know what that means? They are all traveling at the same time of year - the usual school holidays of spring, summer or winter break. But if you have young children who aren't in school yet, the off season can be the perfect time to take off. Here are 6 benefits of booking vacations outside of peak season.


Lack of Crowds - The obvious reason to book outside of peak season is less people on vacation at that time. Enjoy less wait time at restaurants after a long day of play when the kiddos are tired and hungry, or shorter lines at family-friendly attractions such as parks and museums. And hey, what’s better than having the entire beach to yourselves? Choose the right destination and you can have the advantages of high season, like good weather, without having to sit elbow to elbow with other families. Your own private vacation.


Cheaper Flights - No need to pay premium prices for plane tickets that seem to soar higher than the planes themselves! And skip the crowded flights at peak travel times. It makes sense to take advantage of cheaper prices and more legroom when traveling with kids who often don’t enjoy sitting still in the first place, especially on an overcrowded, loud flight. Yes parents, we’ve all sweated through a trip or two like that!


Cheaper Accommodations - Book a vacation rental off season and you'll save a ton. Vacation rentals owners welcome off season bookings to fill those otherwise “empty weeks” on their calendar. Flexible travelers, such as families with small children, can take advantage of lower prices in the off season. Get a deal or rent an even nicer place than you could otherwise afford.


Great Weather - Summer in Florida and other holiday hot-spots can be brutal, especially around July and August when everyone wants to head to the beach! Off season travel equates to more kid-friendly temperatures, cooler evenings -- no blistering hot sand or burned tiny toes.  Milder temperatures also apply to cold weather locations, such as early spring skiing  or late spring or fall for hiking and biking. The wildflowers wake up in April and cover the still snow-capped mountains with a splash of bright color.


Enjoy the Local Flair - With fewer crowds comes the opportunity to actually enjoy the area you are visiting. Let the kids get up close and personal with the store owner, restaurant manager, museum curator, ice-cream trucks, etc. At the seaside, watch the fishermen come to shore with their catch.  Or in the mountains, make friends with the ski instructor who is not too busy with a waiting line of other families!


More Options - Take your pick. It is so much easier to find the right vacation rental when you travel in the off season. Sifting through hundreds of rentals is no easy task but during the low season, there are plenty of choices available. You can be sure to choose the perfect family-friendly home with all the kid-friendly amenities that your family needs away from home.


Just take the little kids! You will create special memories for the whole family if you can enjoy the slow, easier, travel times.

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