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Top Tips for Surviving a Family Vacation with Babies and Toddlers

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Many new parents are overwhelmed with the idea of taking a vacation with babies or toddlers. We have some great tips for you to make the best of your family vacation. And, yes, you can enjoy some quality family time when you have little ones! It may not be as easy and carefree as vacation before kids, but taking kids along is rewarding in so many other ways. We’ve compiled our best tips so you can make the most of a family trip.

Direct flights

If you are flying, try to plan a vacation where there are direct flights from your hometown. Reducing the logistics in navigating the airports with little ones helps a ton! And always carry spare clothes, diapers and baby wipes! You don’t want to overpack but these are essentials. You may want to bring a stroller along too (which you can check at the gate) or make it really easy and use a baby carrier or wrap if your child is still small enough.


Choose appropriate accommodation

Hotel rooms are best for very short stays (one night or two). Who likes sitting in the dark and trying to be quiet when baby goes to sleep at 7:30? That isn’t a vacation! Find a vacation rental so you have room to spread out, a separate room for your baby if you prefer, a living area and maybe a great outdoor area to hang out. And, of course, you’ll want  a kitchen to make breakfast and quick meals without toting everyone to a restaurant three times a day. Look for a vacation rental with baby gear like a pack ‘n play, a highchair, safety features (like stairgates) and even strollers and toys. You don’t need to pack up everything you own to go on vacation!

family friendly vacation rentals with gear



Keep the schedule

It is vacation so you may not stick to your baby’s schedule too faithfully, but do what you can to keep the rhythm going. Plan outings around nap time and don’t overschedule. Too much going on will make a baby cranky!


Slow down

Don’t jump from one thing to another, dragging the baby around. Factor in some quiet time. Basically, chill! It’s what you need anyway, right? So don’t try to do everything. Pick some not-to-miss sights and hit those, leaving the others for the next go round. Take it easy and enjoy some down time. And try to eat out just once a day. Maybe start with a leisurely breakfast at the house then a morning outing before lunch and nap.


Choose kid-friendly outings

Kids of all ages love zoos or farm visits, train rides or smaller amusement parks. Do a little research and see what you can find. Balance out your itinerary with fun for the little ones. If you just have to hit a sight that might not be the greatest place for kids, find the nearest playground and head there after.

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Keep your sense of humor

Parenting can be rough, whether you are at home or on vacation. Temper tantrums can happen no matter where you are. Try to keep your sense of humor to get through any rough patches. Easier said than done maybe but we all need reminders, right?


Enjoy the moment

Really take in the good moments. Appreciate the little things: sitting by the seaside sharing an ice cream cone, chasing the birds in the park or a quiet evening on the terrace with a glass of wine while baby is sleeping. Vacations are all about making memories and the smallest things are often what you remember.

tips for vacations with babies and toddlers



Just do it

Is it easier staying home when the kids are little? Possibly. But a change of scenery can do everyone some good. You won’t regret taking a vacation. Try to follow some of the tips above and JUST GO. You’ll be glad you did, and you’ll make great family memories in the process.


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