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Vacation Rental Marketing: WHY Target Families with Small Children?

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(This is the first blog post in a two part series: The WHY and HOW of Targeting Families with Small Children)



Families with small children often take advantage of off season travel. They often book outside of peak season to avoid crowds and save money. These families do not have to wait for the school holidays to travel and often choose to go on vacation during the shoulder season, when weather is milder and crowds are gone. What does this mean for you? It means more off season bookings. A company based in Europe that specializes in vacation rentals for families with small children averages almost 65% of their bookings outside of peak season. 65%! That is a lot of extra bookings! More bookings mean an increase on your return on investment.


Family travel, including multigenerational travel, is leisure travel’s fastest growing niche. More and more parents and grandparents are traveling with their children and grandchildren. Like other travelers, families are looking for vacation rentals with amenities. If you have the gear that families need, you stand out from other vacation rentals that categorize themselves as ‘family-friendly' but really don't offer much for families. (Sadly, this is the case for most 'kid-friendly' rentals currently out there.) Ask yourself: What are my guests’ needs and how can I help them? Provide amenities for families and watch your bookings increase.


Many travel-related decisions are made by women, most of whom are mothers. Most moms trust other moms as sources when planning and the vast majority of moms use social media and read blogs to help make decisions regarding travel. Dads, of course, make a lot of decisions too, but mom-blogging is big business in today’s world. (Dad blogs are gaining steam though!) There are many family travel bloggers out there that have captive audiences: parents looking for places to go and things to do with their families. Target this demographic, provide for their needs and market directly to them. You will see more bookings and happy family reviews!

Are you tired of working so hard to get your listings seen on the major sites? Are you interested in increasing your off-season bookings and maximizing your ROI? If you are searching for a new way to advertise your vacation rental and increase bookings, I have good news:


Clanventure is looking for the BEST family-friendly vacation rentals to market to families with children under the age of 5. is the first specialty vacation rental website of its kind in the United States. We are building a curated list of only the best kid-friendly vacation rentals and limiting the number of properties in each area. What does that mean for you?


That means your property will be one of a SELECT few advertised in this niche market.


Why should I advertise on a niche website?

Competition in the vacation home rental market is getting fierce. It is increasingly difficult to shine on the general websites as more and more homes are coming into the market, and the quality of those vacation rentals are often subpar. Guests have to wade through so many listings! How can you be sure to be found? The big sites are not going anywhere though and they will probably always be useful to your business. They work well to fill up the bulk of your peak season, but how can you add more weeks to your calendar? Think about marketing to a niche population.

You may not want to market specifically to families on the general sites as it may alienate some guests that may want to book your property. If they see ‘family’ or ‘kid-friendly’, they may not look further at your listing if that isn’t what they need. Marketing on a specialty site gives you more options and more avenues… for example, you can stay more general on VRBO, target young adults on Airbnb and also have the childproofing kit and target families on Tailor your listings to each portal and watch your revenue grow!

Niche marketing is a new and growing area. We are the first vacation rental site in the U.S. to focus on this target market. We know our market and will help you tailor your listing to that market. On the larger sites, you have to jockey for your position in the search. On, this is never an issue. We reduce market caps to increase your visibility. Our site has only handpicked, high-quality rentals so there are only a small number of similar rentals available in your area. Only the best homes are listed and yours is not lost in a sea of other homes. We aim to lead generate for you and increase your bookings.


Who is Clanventure’s target market?

We are targeting families with young children - ages 5 and under. Many parents find it stressful to travel with young children. Safety issues (like an unfenced swimming pool) and convenience issues (like no place for baby to sleep) were the top concerns in our survey. They also want to simplify the process: where to go and what to do. These families want to travel with their children but sometimes just don’t know how. Parents also cite a lack of time to plan trips and feeling overwhelmed by choices on the internet. Along with highlighting family-friendly rentals, we are going to blog about traveling with young children and give parents the tips and tricks to feel confident that they can do it, just as we have. We narrow down their options and help them plan a stress-free vacation that all can enjoy.

We offer parents:

  1. peace of mind - no doubts about safety issues for young children

  2. easy planning - handpicked selection of quality, kid-friendly vacation rentals

  3. customer service - readily available to help guests make decisions

  4. tips and ideas - blog and social media outreach to facilitate trip planning


At Clanventure, we want to help you increase your bookings and maximize your profits. With our small numbers, we can focus on your needs and work with you to highlight the family-friendly amenities of your properties. We will show you HOW to attract families with young children. We want to build relationships with owners and managers so there will always be someone available who understands your needs.

Let Claventure help you target families with young children. We will lead generate for you and help you to fill your off season calendar! Contact us today at


NEXT WEEK... Part 2. Vacation Rental Marketing: How to Target Families with Small Children