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Why You Should Consider Vacation Rentals on Your Next Family Trip

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We have traveled with our children since our oldest was a baby, and with the addition of each child, finding appropriate accommodations became more complicated. Now, as a family of five, we find it is often difficult to find a hotel room that will allow us to sleep everyone in one room. Due to fire code restrictions, many hotels require us to pay for two rooms or a suite, so we often find ourselves staying in vacation rentals instead. With a growing number of private homes available to rent, here is why you should consider a vacation rental on your next family trip.


They are cost effective

Often times, renting a private home or apartment can be cheaper than staying in a hotel. A cleaning fee is usually included, but even with this, it can be cheaper to rent for a week than pay for a week in a hotel. Many rentals often include wi fi, DVD players, and sometimes computers, so often times you get more than what you would get with the average hotel room.


Space to spread out

The best thing about a vacation rental is the amount of space families have to spread out. You can choose the size of the rental property, but we usually have at least two bedrooms, a bath, a kitchen, and a living area, which is bigger than most hotel rooms. Some are even larger than this and may include a yard or swimming pool. As a family, we truly enjoy being able to have extra space.


The ability to do laundry

One of the first things I look for when booking a vacation rental is whether or not it has a washer and/or dryer. When a vacation rental has one, it means I can pack fewer clothes and my luggage will weigh less. I don’t love doing laundry on vacation, but if it’s in the privacy of my vacation rental, I can do it on my own schedule.


family-friendly Phoenix vacation rental


Cook meals at home

Our youngest child has a food allergy and we learned long ago the benefit of having our own kitchen to make food for our family. We can make allergy friendly meals and the cost of meals on vacation goes down significantly when we’re not eating out. Many vacation rentals come equipped with dishes and basic necessities, so kitchens are set up for families to enjoy.


Live like a local

When you stay in a vacation rental you usually live in a neighborhood and more than likely will meet the home owner or a local contact acting as the property manager. They can tell you where to find the nearest grocery store, where locals like to eat, and how to navigate the transportation system. We love getting to know a destination outside a typical hotel setting. It’s fun to find the local haunts, playgrounds, and explore a new city from the inside. It’s one of the best parts of travel in our opinion, living like a local.


Every vacation rental is unique

We love that every vacation rental is unique. We’ve had one with a hammock inside the house, another had a small creek that ran through the backyard, and another was part of a large farm complex. Our family enjoys finding something new at each property that we might not find at home. Each vacation rental has something unique, which makes a stay extra special in our book.


Vacation rentals offer many benefits for families. We learn a lot by staying in a vacation rental that we simply couldn’t replicate in a hotel stay. If you haven’t tried a vacation rental for your family, I would highly recommend it for your next trip. The experience will be worth it.

Have you stayed in a vacation rental? What’s your favorite reason to stay in one?


Kirsten Maxwell
Our guest blogger knows a thing or two about family travel. Kirsten is the founder of Kids Are A Trip, a family travel website created to inspire families to explore the world with their children. A former teacher, she truly believes travel is an education and has been fortunate to teach her children about different cultures as they have been to 15 countries and counting. (Kirsten has been to 33 and is hoping to add a few more this year). A native Phoenician, she currently lives in Chicago with her husband and three children.