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What does it mean to be a truly family-friendly vacation rental? It isn't enough these days to check 'children welcome' on a listing site and designate a property as kid-friendly. In reality, many of those 'kid-friendly' homes do not have what parents need and this (more often than not) leads to disappointment and frustration. Families want vacation rentals that follow through. Here we will show you how to provide the essentials for a fun and relaxed family vacation and cater to families with small children.


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Most families with school-aged children are tied to traditional school holidays and can’t travel in the off season. Many vacation rental owners see their bookings start to dry up in September once school begins. There are some families, however, that can and do travel in the off season. Here are four examples...



First, some schools have gone to a year-round calendar. These schools still have a summer holiday Read more

Your vacation rental may be the biggest investment of your life. You need to run it like a business to see a return on your investment these days. There is more competition out there -- the number of vacation rentals is increasing steadily. How do you make your vacation rental stand out in a saturated market? Here are some tips to help you…



First, define your market. You may think that appealing to everyone will get you more bookings, but the opposite may be Read more

So, you’ve identified your target niche. You understand WHY targeting families with small children is good for your vacation rental marketing. (If you haven’t gotten that far, start here, our blog post last week on the WHY of targeting families with small children.) Now to learn the HOW.


When it comes to planning a family vacation, every parent’s objective is to Read more