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As a parent you often hear the phrase “they grow up too fast” but sometimes when you are in the middle of raising children- dealing with potty training or tears over homework- you feel like it can’t move fast enough!  With so many hurdles to jump over when your kids are young it is no wonder people often hold off on traveling until their children are older.

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We have traveled with our children since our oldest was a baby, and with the addition of each child, finding appropriate accommodations became more complicated. Now, as a family of five, we find it is often difficult to find a hotel room that will allow us to sleep everyone in one room. Due to fire code restrictions, many hotels require us to pay for two rooms or a suite, so we often find ourselves staying in vacation rentals instead. With a growing number of private homes available to rent, Read more

Most families have to stick to the dreaded school calendar when it comes to planning a family vacation. And you know what that means? They are all traveling at the same time of year - the usual school holidays of spring, summer or winter break. But if you have young children who aren't in school yet, the off season can be the perfect time to take off. Here are 6 benefits of booking vacations outside of peak season.


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As we begin one the busiest travel seasons of the year -- Thanksgiving to New Year’s -- let’s take a deep breath and count to ten (lords a leaping). Traveling with kids through crowded airports or on clogged interstates can take a toll on your sanity. Add in the general stress of the holiday season, with the shopping, cooking and merry-making, and you’ve got a veritable pressure cooker! Read more